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WebDrive Troubleshooting

When attempting to connect to an FTP server, keep in mind the following requirements:

  • The Microsoft TCP/IP Network Client must be installed. This can be set up from the Network control panel applet. Other TCP/IP clients can be used if they conform to the Microsoft TCP/IP TDI (Transport Driver Interface) Standard.
  • An active connection with the Internet must be established. (For dial- up networking users this means that you need to be connected to your ISP.)

Common problems and how to resolve them:

  • Why can't I see new files that are created by other users?
    Try flushing the cache from the tray icon. To see updates from other users you can select the Multi-user cache mode or set directory listings to expire after a specified amount of time.
  • Why can't I create files using Microsoft Word?
    Your FTP server may not support filenames that have the tilde (~) character. You can configure WebDrive to remove/replace this character when interacting with your FTP space. See the site properties File Names tab.
  • Why can't I create a directory using the Windows Explorer?
    Your FTP server may not support spaces in file names. You can configure WebDrive to remove/replace this character when interacting with your FTP server. To configure this option, launch the WebDrive Site Manager and click Properties. Expand the General menu tree and click Substitution.
  • Why can't I connect to an FTP server?
    Check your username and password; they are case sensitive. Check if your Internet connection is still alive. Check the URL to make sure it is entered correctly.
  • Why am I getting the Drive is in use error message?
    When this error is displayed, it means that the drive that you are attempting to connect to is already in use as a network drive. You need to select a drive that is not currently in use. To see what drives are available, open Windows Explorer and look in the left-hand pane for drives that are currently in use.
  • Why am I getting the Unable to map network drive X to server error message?
    This error message is displayed when a mount (install) for the selected drive fails. This normally happens when you have a lastdrive=g statement in your config.sys file. Remove this entry from your config.sys file and restart your system.
  • Why is the directory listing empty for the FTP site?
    Try flushing the directory cache. WebDrive might not understand the directory listing format of the FTP server or it can't Auto Detect the listing type. Try changing the server type from Auto Detect to the actual type. Currently UNIX, NT/DOS, VMS, Macintosh, AS/400, and Novell servers are supported. Try enabling Passive Mode (PASV). If you have a problem with a particular FTP server, please send the URL to us so we can add support for it.
  • Why can't I copy a file from the FTP drive?
    Check the Drive Monitor log window for FTP status responses. It may report access denied or some other FTP error.
  • Why can't I find a file on the server that should be there?
    Flush your directory cache. This can be done from WebDrive or the Monitor application.
  • Why doesn't the Rename function work?
    Your FTP server probably does not support this command.


  • Back up files on your FTP server - FTP is not always a 100% reliable method of transferring files, especially when dial-up or Internet connections are involved. You should always have a backup of the files that reside on your FTP server.
  • No Locking mechanism - FTP does not provide a mechanism for locking files. For example, when one user opens a file for download, another user could open the same file for upload and corruption could occur. If you require a locking mechanism for files, WebDAV and GroupDrive┬« provide this option.