FTP Storage Plan Pricing

Looking for FTP space at a great price? All of our plans include all of the features outlined on our feature list. They only differ by the amount of storage space included.

1GB FTP Storage Plan FROM $5.31/GB MONTHLY

• QUARTERLY BILLING (5% discount included)$16.82
• YEARLY BILLING (10% discount included)$63.72

2GB FTP Storage Plan FROM $4.41/GB MONTHLY

• QUARTERLY BILLING (5% discount included)$27.93
• YEARLY BILLING (10% discount included)$105.84

5GB FTP Storage Plan FROM $3.51/GB MONTHLY

• QUARTERLY BILLING (5% discount included)$55.58
• YEARLY BILLING (10% discount included)$210.60

10GB FTP Storage Plan FROM $2.61/GB MONTHLY

• QUARTERLY BILLING (5% discount included)$82.65
• YEARLY BILLING (10% discount included)$313.20

20GB FTP Storage Plan FROM $1.71/GB MONTHLY

• QUARTERLY BILLING (5% discount included)$108.30
• YEARLY BILLING (10% discount included)$410.40

50GB FTP Storage Plan FROM $0.81/GB MONTHLY

• QUARTERLY BILLING (5% discount included)$128.25
• YEARLY BILLING (10% discount included)$486.00

100GB FTP Storage Plan FROM $0.63/GB MONTHLY

• QUARTERLY BILLING (5% discount included)$199.50
• YEARLY BILLING (10% discount included)$756.00

200GB FTP Storage Plan FROM $0.61/GB MONTHLY

• QUARTERLY BILLING (5% discount included)$387.60
• YEARLY BILLING (10% discount included)$1,468.80

NOTE: Our 1GB and 2GB FTP Plans can be billed on a quarterly or yearly basis. All other plans can be billed on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Discounts apply for quarterly (5%) and yearly (10%) billing. Our 30-day money back guarantee applies regardless of billing term.

All our plans come with our unique 30-day money back guarantee: if you're not satisfied, just let us know within the first month of service and we'll refund you in full.

Full Feature List

Looking for the details on our plans? They're here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. All of our plans include all of the following features:

Feature Included
Unlimited Bandwidth / FTP Traffic
Unlimited FTP Sub-Accounts
Restrict Access by Sub-Account
Read-Only/Write-Only Restrictions
Direct FTP Access
No Limits on File Size
Unlimited Concurrent FTP Logins
Instant Account Setup
Full International (UTF-8/Unicode) Support
Direct Support from Engineering
Linux/Unix/BSD, OS X & Windows 95->Vista Support
Enterprise Grade RAID-6 Servers
Technical Support
24/7 Monitoring
Quarterly (5%) & Yearly (10%) Payment Discounts
Upgrade your account at any time
FREE Setup
30 Day Money Back Guarantee


All of our plans include unlimited bandwidth. However, there are two restrictions. First, if you are using your plan for data backup, you must use incremental backup software, which copies only changed files each night. Second, we do not permit large-scale file distribution using our service. If you need to distribute software updates, media files, etc. to hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously, you'll be better off to purchase services from a content delivery network. If you have questions about these policies, or need help choosing incremental backup software, please contact us.