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Swish Full Command Reference

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initenvCreate and initialize a new environment interactively
initenv <projectname> <db> <repostype> <repospath>Create and initialize a new environment from arguments
hotcopy <backupdir>Make a hot online backup copy of an environment
resyncRe-synchronize trac with the repository
resync <rev>Re-synchronize only the given <rev>
upgradeUpgrade database to current version
deploy <directory>Extract static resources from Trac and all plugins.
permission list [user]List permission rules
permission add <user> <action> [action] [...]Add a new permission rule
permission remove <user> <action> [action] [...]Remove permission rule
wiki listList wiki pages
wiki remove <page>Remove wiki page
wiki export <page> [file]Export wiki page to file or stdout
wiki import <page> [file]Import wiki page from file or stdin
wiki dump <directory>Export all wiki pages to files named by title
wiki load <directory>Import all wiki pages from directory
wiki upgradeUpgrade default wiki pages to current version
ticket remove <number>Remove ticket
ticket_type listShow possible ticket types
ticket_type add <value>Add a ticket type
ticket_type change <value> <newvalue>Change a ticket type
ticket_type remove <value>Remove a ticket type
ticket_type order <value> up|downMove a ticket type up or down in the list
priority listShow possible ticket priorities
priority add <value>Add a priority value option
priority change <value> <newvalue>Change a priority value
priority remove <value>Remove priority value
priority order <value> up|downMove a priority value up or down in the list
severity listShow possible ticket severities
severity add <value>Add a severity value option
severity change <value> <newvalue>Change a severity value
severity remove <value>Remove severity value
severity order <value> up|downMove a severity value up or down in the list
component listShow available components
component add <name> <owner>Add a new component
component rename <name> <newname>Rename a component
component remove <name>Remove/uninstall component
component chown <name> <owner>Change component ownership
version listShow versions
version add <name> [time]Add version
version rename <name> <newname>Rename version
version time <name> <time>Set version date (Format: "YYYY-MM-DD", "now" or "")
version remove <name>Remove version
milestone listShow milestones
milestone add <name> [due]Add milestone
milestone rename <name> <newname>Rename milestone
milestone due <name> <due>Set milestone due date (Format: "YYYY-MM-DD", "now" or "")
milestone completed <name> <completed>Set milestone completed date (Format: "YYYY-MM-DD", "now" or "")
milestone remove <name>Remove milestone
resolution listShow possible ticket resolutions
resolution add <value>Add a resolution value option
resolution change <value> <newvalue>Change a resolution value
resolution remove <value>Remove resolution value
resolution order <value> up|downMove a resolution value up or down in the list