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Fire FTP addon for Mozilla Portable Firefox

Fire FTP is a simple but effective add-on for portable Firefox. It is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers.


  1. Go to FireFTP Addone Page using your Firefox browser and click “Add to Firefox”.
  2. A pop up will show up and click install now button.
  3. When installation is finish, another pop up will appear prompting asking you to restart Firefox. Click “Restart Firefox”.
  4. Now that FireFTP is installed, you can access it by going to “Tools > FireFTP”.

FireFTP download weighs in at a mere 0.1Mb mainly because it uses code already installed with portable Firefox to complete most of its functions. The download is XPI format, unrecognised by most people but the file is easy to install. Simply save the file on your USB Flash Drive, then open Portable Firefox. From the file menu go to open file and open the XPI file you have just downloaded from the location you saved it to. FireFTP will then install into your portable Firefox browser.

To access Fire FTP load up your portable Firefox browser go to tools menu and select FireFTP from the drop down list. FireFTP opens in a new tab but not a new windows, so you can easily switch between FireFTP and your internet pages. To setup FireFTP you will need to create an ftp account.

You will see create account on the front page of Fire FTP. You will need to provide all the information required about your host, including IP address, username and password. Then the local address (this will be the location of the files you will be wanting to upload) The local address can be changed once logged on to FireFTP.

FireFTP is very easy to use once set up. Select the files you to up/download and press the appropriate arrow graphic to transfer the files to and from your web server. your settings will be saved on your USB Flash Drive for future use on whatever computer you decide to use it on.