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FTP On The Go PRO FTP client

FTP On The Go lets you securely log into your server from anywhere using your iPhone or iPod touch!

Download files and use FTP On The Go's built in text editor to fix text right on your iPhone. Find and Replace features make it a snap. Click the Save button to upload your changes back to the server and you're done. You can even change file permissions (CHMOD) on the server to manage your website from anywhere.

You can view document files on the FTP hosting account: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, and Image files are all supported. You can download and view these documents right on the iPhone's screen--or save them to your iPhone to view later.

FTP On The Go can store files you download on your iPhone or iPod touch, so you can view or edit them later. Version 2 even includes file sharing with built in FTP and Web Servers so you can view and add files on your iPhone from a computer, or even another iPhone. (It's pretty awesome browsing and viewing files on one iPhone from another. Either using FTP On The Go to browse, or just Safari!)

FTP On The Go can upload images from your photo library or take a picture using the iPhone's camera and upload it immediately right within the program, even resizing the image to fit what you need for your website.

Bookmarks make it easy to visit all your sites. All the usual operations (create file, create directory, rename file, delete file, move file) are supported. And even advanced features are included, like "Mode Z" support to compress data on-the-fly (a feature that isn't even in all desktop FTP clients!)

A master password can be set for FTP On The Go to protect your valuable server login information.

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What FTP On The Go PRO can do:

Top Features

  • Optimized for iPad, but also runs perfectly on an iPhone or iPod touch.
  • View many files at once in the tabbed viewer. This lets you easily copy between files, compare, etc.
  • Switch between browsing and full-screen viewing or editing with just a tap.
  • Quick-scrollers let you scroll through files or folders super fast.

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What FTP On The Go can do:

Top Features

  • Download, Edit, and Upload web pages or any other text files on your FTP servers.
  • Easily browse folders on your FTP servers.
  • Built in text editor with Search & Replace makes it quick to edit web pages or other files.
  • Save files on your iPhone to view or edit later.
  • Bookmark your important servers.


  • Built in FTP Server and Web Server allow viewing and adding files to the iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Browse files on your iPhone from any computer with a web browser.
  • Get even more control to add files, delete files, etc. by using an FTP client to connect to your iPhone. (Like another copy of FTP On The Go; or with Windows using GetRight's built in browser; or any other FTP client.)


  • Smart Replace will not break your existing files if a phone call or lost connection interrupts the upload!
  • Images from your iPhone camera or iPhone photo library can not only be uploaded to the server, but can be resized as you upload. Make them exactly the size you need.
  • No "server disconnected" messages like you often see in PC FTP programs; FTP On The Go just reconnects if needed.


  • Automatically uses secure FTPS connection (if available)
  • A Master Password for the whole FTP On The Go program protects your valuable server information if your iPhone is lost or stolen
  • Even set so passwords aren't saved at all. You will need to enter them each time FTP On The Go is started, but for those that want that extra peace-of-mind, the passwords are never stored.


  • Create, edit, rename, move and delete files and folders on your FTP server.
  • Change file permissions on the server (CHMOD).
  • You can even send "Raw" FTP commands--any arbitrary command you need. (For instance sending: "SITE chmod 755 *.php" could make your life easier.)
  • Includes support for "Mode Z" which does compression on-the-fly. Really good for 3G and especially Edge connections. (In testing, some directory listings were compressed nearly 90%!)

What will you use it for?

  • Upload any file from your laptop to FTP On The Go on your iPhone (using an AdHoc WiFi network).
  • Upload the file from your iPhone to wherever it needs to be using the 3G or Edge cellular connection.
  • Photographers could upload full-size images while on location.
  • Software Developers could upload a whole new version of a program.
  • Web developers could load a copy of the website files and use your iPhone as an emergency backup web server during a demo.