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Using FTP Online Storage Like a Local Hard Disk

With NetDrive, managing your remote FTP and WebDAV servers will be as easy as any old file folders on your PC.

Once you mount the local drive, you don't need to run an application or an FTP client interface but a simple drag-and-drop in your Windows Explorer will be sufficient to transfer and manage files.

NetDrive Features

  • Mounts remote storage as a local hard disk on your PC
  • Data transfer by drag and drop files in windows explorer
  • Able to run files(video, audio and any other .exe files)
  • Mounts drive automatically when Windows starts.

Using NetDrive

Site Manager

  • You can use NetDrive Site Manager to easily register and connect to all remote servers you wish to access.
  • Simply map your drive to a specific site and it will be configured automatically the next time your Windows starts. You can add as many sites as you want.

Using Windows Explorer

  • When you connect to a remote server, a drive letter will be mapped and you can transfer files and folders by drag and drop in Windows Explorer. You can manage files and folders with a click of mouse.
  • NetDrive supports direct file operation in mapped drive. You can run any .exe files in remote server from your Windows explorer. To watch a movie file in your remote server, you just need to double click it.

System Tray Menu

  • Once you install NetDrive, you will see an icon created in your system tray. (Right click your mouse on the icon to view menu) NetDrive tray icon provides shortcuts to use NetDrive. You can open the site manager, configure NetDrive, connect to registered site or view logs


  • You can customize the program settings from Setup menu. From Setup menu, you can manage action after connection, auto-connection to specific site when Windows starts and log monitoring.

DOS/Legacy Support

  • Since NetDrive provides Windows system driver to mount drive, you can use DOS-prompt to use commands like copy, xcopy and dir. Other DOS-based legacy applications can be used since NetDrive provides DOS based file access.

NetDrive is free for non-commercial home use.
You can download latest version of NetDrive here.