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How to Safely and Easily Share Large Files Online

By Joe Goldrich

Ever struggle with sending a document, picture, or even an audio or video file over the Internet? It's a common struggle amongst engineers, architects, medical practitioners, graphic designers, administrative assistants and a multitude of business owners.

Why email doesn't work:

Most files are too large to send via email and the process of compressing them can mean the recipient is unable to open the file or it is corrupted in the compression process. Even compression isn't enough for many files.

Another common complaint with email is that it simply isn't secure. Emails can be intercepted, accidentally sent to the wrong person, or land in a junk mail box and missed all together. Imagine all of your hard work ending up in someone's junk mail box and eventually deleted.

Why digital delivery doesn't work:

Digital delivery, or the process of uploading your document or file to a third party who then makes it available to your recipient or recipients (don't confuse it with FTP).

One of the problems with digital delivery is that the file is only accessed for a limited time, meaning the recipient has to be available to download the file immediately.Not only that, they have to have space on their computer to store it.

If you're sending numerous large files this can be a real problem. Digital delivery can also lack the high level of security required by many individuals and business owners.

Sending confidential and proprietary information, or even patients' medical files, is too important to leave in the hands of a digital courier.

Online file storage:

A comprehensive, yet simple, solution for all file sharing needs.

One of the most powerful solutions is to utilize online file sharing and storage via FTP, File Transfer Protocol. This program, the most commonly used internet file sharing solution in the world, is a very simple and straight forward solution to use, which means it is an ideal solution for the person with a high degree of technical knowledge or the computer novice.

  • FTP online storage means no file size limits.

  • FTP online storage means you can upload any type of file.

  • FTP online storage is secure and many are HIPAA compliant.

  • FTP online storage is accessible from anywhere and any computer.

  • FTP online storage is generally extremely cost effective.
  • Creating an FTP online storage account is easy!

    1. Find a FTP online storage company that meets your file size needs, budget, and security needs.

    2. Create an account

    3. Logon and create your folders

    4. Add your users and assign them to a folder

    5. Start uploading and/or downloading your files

    Any file you need to share, whether it is a blueprint, logo, video, audio transcript, book, contract, just about anything you can think of, can be shared securely via an FTP online storage solution.

    It is the single most secure and easy to use file sharing solution available. Best of all, its easy to use and so widely acceptable you can share files with anyone around the world.

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