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How to Choose FTP Hosting for Architects

An FTP hosting service is an excellent investment for architects. There are many reasons why you should avail of FTP hosting services, but the most important one is to do away with the inconvenience of sending and receiving large files in a safe and secure manner. All these inconvenience will be eliminated once you decide to avail of an FTP hosting site. However, you should not just pick any FTP host provider because you also need to consider a lot of things to get the best value for your money.

There are a lot of advantages if you choose to avail of an FTP hosting service. First, you can send all kinds of files, be it confidential client documentation, blueprints or project designs, or project presentations. There is no limit to the file size you can also share, be it small or large files. Most importantly, you can also use your FTP site as a file storage facility. You can enjoy this feature for the period you have subscribed to the service or until an authorized user deletes these files. Another thing that makes an FTP hosting service beneficial for an architect is the fact that it is a secure medium to exchange information. Any unauthorized third party who wants to tamper with your file cannot do so because the FTP hosting provider implements a strict security system to ensure that your files are safe.

When choosing the most appropriate FTP hosting provider that can cater to your needs, here are some important considerations:

  • Reputation and history of the company – This goes to say that you should pick an FTP hosting company that has a formidable reputation in the business. Check out the number of years the company has been in service, and as much as possible, choose ones that have been in the industry for more than three years. Since there are a lot of bogus companies, always check out their references.
  • FTP hosting packages available – the FTP hosting provider should also have a lot of packages that you can choose from. A good company should offer flexible FTP Storage Plans so that you can have a lot of options that will suit your architectural business needs.
  • Good technical support – an FTP hosting for architects should have excellent technical support. A toll-free number and an email support should be provided upon subscription.

Aside from these, other factors like ease of usage, storage space limits, and ample bandwidth should also be considered.