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BitKinex FTP SFTP and WebDAV client

BitKinex is an innovative network client supporting multiple transfer protocols. Its user interface provides a simple, protocol independent way to transfer data. Standard techniques like drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste let users transfer files between servers running different transfer protocols, as well as enabling users to download/upload files to/from a local machine. All potentially time consuming operations like copying, moving, deleting or printing of files are monitored in detail and can be automatically resumed after an application restart or an unexpected system breakdown. In addition, each of these operations is optimized by the integrated transfer manager - as a result, the time necessary for these operations to complete is reduced dramatically. Multithreaded request processing and multi-part downloading are examples of such optimization techniques. BitKinex currently supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS and WebDAV protocols and replaces the following types of existing applications:

  • FTP/FTPS Client
    BitKinex's user-friendly interface and the set of implemented features and supported standards, make it the logical choice for an FTP client. The typical user will appreciate the non-blocking request processing which makes the simultaneous browsing of server directories and copying of files to/from the same server possible. Advanced users and network supervisors can simplify the task of file transfers between two servers. It is no longer necessary to copy the files to the local machine first, wait for completion of that step, verify the process for accuracy, and then finally copy the files from the local machine to the second server. Simply drag the selected files from the first browser window and drop them to the second one - BitKinex automatically performs all of the tasks and, if relevant, summarizes errors that may have occurred. The support of standard security protocol extensions (SSL/TLS) makes file transfer safe and extends the number of servers you can connect to.
  • HTTP/HTTPS/WebDAV Client
    The main goal behind the BitKinex development is to offer a powerful solution for the primary tasks Internet users have to deal with, thus support for the HTTP protocol has been integrated into the application. It is currently possible to access servers running the basic version of the HTTP protocol as well as servers offering the full control of the file system through the WebDAV extensions. The user can browse the HTTP servers exactly the same way he would browse the files on his local machine or an FTP server
  • SFTP Client
    The support for the SFTP subsystem of the SSH2 protocol significantly extends the set of secure protocols available to the user to transfer data over insecure Internet connections. The large number of implemented encryption algorithms with the support for the zlib compression and rekeying allows users to fully utilize the entire ssh protocol capabilities.
  • Mirroring Software
    To automatically synchronize the contents of any two data sources, mirroring software is needed. In BitKinex, this functionality is implemented as an extension of a standard copy request. This allows users to synchronize contents between two FTP/HTTP servers as well as between a local machine and FTP/HTTP server, or just simply between any two registered data sources running any of the supported protocols.
  • Download Manager
    There are plenty of products on the market providing functionality for an optimized (multithreading, multi-part downloading) file download. The same optimization techniques are used in BitKinex for all file transfers. In addition to such applications, the user can download the files to the local machine as well as to any of the registered data targets (e.g. an FTP server). Web browser integration is a standard part of the BitKinex software package.
  • Upload Manager
    When publishing web sites on the Internet there is a need for some kind of an upload mechanism to copy the html pages, scripts and pictures on the web server. So called "upload managers" are routinely employed to facilitate that task. Because BitKinex supports also the HTTP/WebDAV protocol, this goal can be easily achieved by starting a simple "copy" (or "mirror") request. Due to the uniform transfer handling the user can copy his files from any of the configured data sources (e.g. an FTP server) as well as from the local machine.

Minimum System Requirements

2000, XP, 2003, Vista
Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
Pentium compatible processor
512 MB RAM
30 MB disk space for the application + an appropriate amount of disk space for the temporary storage (depends on the size of the largest file transferred)

Recommended System Requirements

Windows XP
Internet Explorer 7.0 with the latest service pack
Pentium IV compatible processor
1 GB RAM or more
30 MB disk space for the application + an appropriate amount of disk space for the temporary storage (depends on the size of the largest file transferred)

Source: BitKinex homepage